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Welcome to Ajanta Caves! If you visit Ajanta Caves you can start from the View Point where you can see all thirty caves. From there it is a twenty minute walk down to the caves. You can see all seven waterfalls and you can take beautiful panoramic pictures. The View Point is the best way to start your visit to Ajanta Caves! . In Round Off Ajananta So Many Places To visit in Ajanata. We can go To see Jeepsi Village, Mugal Old Casel,lonar creator, Buddhist Caves Near Ajanta. We Can do Meditation Caves is only 1 Caves its Possible To visit 1 Day From Ajanta For Place. and better to stay in Ajanata We have so many hotel to stay.1 Day no possible to visit ajanta caves because 3 Hrs to drive ajanta from Aurangabad and same day back to Aurangabad is not possible to visit ajanta . because they have no short time. We are very ownest we speake 3-4 Languages. Japnees,Korean,English ,Little bet Franch because we learn all language by the tourist. We are very luck to born ajanta. We can meet World people so give you best and best service for tourist. we have all AC CAR Service. If We need any information in Ajanata Contact To MY Number +91 9766560617

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